Discover the amazing benefits of 3D models and renders! Obtain customized quality and highly impressive realistic graphics for your personal project, and meet immediate success! We guarantee you will get the results you aim to achieve.

It’s proven that 3D models and renderings are highly eye-catching and impressive because of their closeness to reality. The possibilities offered by 3D graphics are unique and, for this reason, using them for your project can bring profitable results for your company.

A 3D model and its render are amazingly attractive illustrations because they look incredibly realistic. 3D models can be rotated to make different angle renderings and can be fitted with a skeleton to animate them. These 3D illustrations are very popular today for architecture sketches, industrial pieces models, product prototype presentation, presentations for all types of projects, video games and cartoons.

If you are in need of amazing 3D illustrations, you need professional help.

At LOG we can create quality realistic images as a result of our professionalism and up-to-date knowledge of the best 3D modeling and rendering technologies. Our professional and trained team of graphic designers implement the latest 3D computer application, Cinema 4D, the piece of software used for movies and video games, offering our clients 3D Models and Renderings that surpass their expectations. We can create quality architecture and industrial 3D illustrations as well as impressive 3D logos and spectacular 3D animations. Our skills in model creation, lighting, textures, mapping, and rendering allow us to create quality images.

Why hire us to develop your 3D model / render ?

Because of our extensive design experience.

Because of our highly integrated in-house team, consisting of graphic designers, programmers and marketing specialists.

We offer much lower costs than other professional modellers.

We offer unlimited revisions & concepts.

Costs and timeframe for a 3D modelling / rendering project

Our proposals are made regarding each particular project requirements. By doing this we ensure a better estimate of costs and timeframes. Proposals are usually ready during the same day we receive your requirements.